A well-planned harvest can make life less stressful.

Consistent use of fundamentals, proven practically as well as scientifically, will bring success. What does a baseball player do in spring training? He practices hitting fundamentals. What if he momentarily slides to a slump? He goes back to fundamentals. 

Keep your team - nutritionists, employees, chopping contractors, covering contractors and your family - in the loop and focused on fundamentals to ensure cooperation and a smooth process with great results.

Pair the Printable Helps above with the 12 - Step Silage Success System. 

Make a copy of the Plan for all team players. Post it in the office, shop, at the scale, and anywhere else that fits your operation.

Make a copy of the Phone List for all team players and post it on all applicable equipment (choppers, tractors, trucks) and by each stationary phone. Enter the numbers into everyone's cellular speed dial system for easy use. 

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