Talk It Up Out There!


THE SCENARIO: The ball comes off the bat flying high in the crease between center and right field. The runner on third braces for the 90-foot dash. The ball sails, sails, sails; centerfielder and right have a bead on it. It starts its downward progression, both men running toward it. The crowd gasps, and in the last second they both back off and the ball drops between them. Run scores.

Frustration ensues.

“Come on! You’re professionals! Talk it up out there!”

ALSO THE SCENARIO: Choppers are running, trucks hauling, blade and pack tractors crawling: forward – reverse – forward – reverse, never leaving the pile. The cut is right, the processor is pulverizing, the inoculant is infused into the feed at the chopper – it’s all moving along at the pace you prescribed. Then the pack tractors drive off, their work finished. Next?

Where’s the sealing (covering) contractor? Did anybody call them? When’s he supposed to be here? Where in the heck are they?

It’s a dropped ball. Frustration ensues.

How do we avoid this? It can happen with the sealing contractor, the chopper, the pack driver; with anyone and everyone involved!

Talk it up! During these high-stress times, you can’t communicate too much.
If you haven’t already done so, see if your chopper, sealer, and nutritionist can meet together for a 20-minute meeting to decide who is doing what, who is talking to who at every stage of harvest. Use this printable planner as your agenda.

Print this card, cut it apart and fill in the phone numbers and names of everyone in the process.
Corn looks like its ready in a couple days? Call your chopper.
Chopper starting in the field? Call the sealing contractor – estimate how many tons and about what day they need to be ready, then confirm as time gets closer.
All of us are busy. Do not call someone to come at 1 pm when you really won’t need them until 3 pm. They’ll probably leave, and rightly so!

Talk it up out there! Make this season go smoothly for all. You’ll get happier people, better feed, and more productive cows.

Run scores!