DAMN THE TORPEDOES! - Admiral David Farragut

It's here folks. Either you are in the thick of silage harvest or you're thinking about being in the thick of it. 

Here are a few things to remember:


You made a plan to harvest a certain way, a certain speed, and you've let everyone involved with your harvest know that "perfection" is what we are shooting for.

  • Perfect dry matters, admirable kernel processing, and right-on chop length.

  • Fresh inoculant that's not cooked to death is applied at the chopper.

  • Delivery rates are right on time, not too fast.

  • Blade and pack tractor drivers are weighted up and ready to layer silage in at 4 to 6 inches - no more... and pack drivers are to stay out of the way of the blade, but stay on the pile with all wheels. Pack from the start! Don't wait to add a pack tractor at the middle or end of the job.

  • Forward, reverse, repeat. That's the instruction to pack drivers. Bears repeating.

  • Seal the feed as soon as you can with Sealpro® and Coverpro®. If you finish packing at the end of the day (or night), wait until first light and do a perfect sealing job with fresh help and clear minds.

  • THINK SAFETY. Rest well, eat well, think clearly, don't rush.

CTC - Control the Controllable

When "the plan" gets complicated by illness, breakdowns, or most likely, Mother Nature, just roll with it.

  • Do the best you can with what you've got.

  • "Perfection" is relative to circumstances.

  • Be aware that something or somebody will make you change your plans, at least once.

  • Stay in charge. It's your feed, your money, your crop, your cattle.

WE ARE ALWAYS HERE - Contact us - 559-779-5961

Although we have been known to hop on a pack tractor, pull film, and sling tires, we can best help you by answering questions, providing experienced advice, and pulling rabbits out of hats when it comes to inoculant and film delivery.