Alfalfa Silage

A-HAH Moments

A-HAH Moments

Don’t you just love it when someone says something that you’ve heard before and you may already believe – but they say it in such a way it makes you think: “A-HAH!  I never thought about it that way!”

Dr. Limin Kung spoke to a group of farmers for us in 2013. Not a lot has changed in the inoculant world. There are inoculants worth putting on, with repeated research to back them up, and there’s everyone else.

Are You Dense?

Silage pile and bunker density is one more important factor in silage success. It all goes back to the rush of silage harvest. When delivery to the pile is too fast, blade tractor operators tend to rush, layering silage too thick on the pile, and not properly packing it. Especially when they are the only weight on the surface.