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When it has to be the best

TITANIUM® is the world's best 2 mil film for Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR).

A perfect match of strength and thickness draws film to silage surface for ClingFactor® effect.

TITANIUM® comes off the roll accordion-style fold for an EasyApp® application. 

Custom-engineered and made in the USA exclusively for Connor clients.

Partner with Connor's Coverpro® for maximum protection.

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The new standard in performance and value.

Sealpro PURPLE®'s Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) is industry-leading in performance and value.

Strong yet supple, providing important ClingFactor® seal over the whole pile.

Sealpro PURPLE® is easier to apply, even in a wind. See the video (LEARN MORE) for the EasyApp® demo. 

Custom-made in the USA to Connor specifications and sizes only available to our clients.

Partner with Connor's Coverpro® for maximum protection.


When cling is the thing.

Sealpro ExtraCling® is the most effective thin oxygen barrier on the market. It has a slightly purple sheen to it. 

At 1.6 mil thick, Sealpro ExtraCling® provides a ClingFactor® seal like no other.

Strong and tear-resistant with an impressively low Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR).

Partner with Connor's Coverpro® for maximum protection.

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Your feed dollars investment guardian. 

Coverpro® is the new, tough Black/White non-barrier film providing extra protection to valuable forage, silage or high moisture corn. 

Coverpro® is available in 4 and 5 mil thickness. Coverpro® 5 is engineered and made in the USA. 

Coverpro® comes off the roll in an accordion-style fold, making for an EasyApp® application.

Partner with Sealpro® films for maximum protection.