Twelve years ago, when Connor Agriscience introduced oxygen barrier film to the western US, we knew that if we could keep oxygen out of piles and bunkers, we could save more silage from the top three feet. It would be of better feed quality, and farmers could save and reclaim the investment they made in growing or purchasing the crop. We also knew that a “perfect crop” would be harvested at the right dry matter, chopped at the correct length, delivered to the pile or bunker in a reasonable pace, spread in six-inch layers, and packed nearly solid with correct tractor weight and pattern.

We also knew (and know today) that this kind of perfection is rare. Using the methods we teach and the tools we offer can help give a less than perfect harvest a better outcome. Sealpro® Silage Barrier Film is one of those tools.

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Rollin Titanium 3 92017.JPG.JPG

When it has to be the best.

TITANIUM® is the world's best 2 mil film for Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR).

A perfect match of strength and thickness draws film to silage surface for ClingFactor® effect.

TITANIUM® comes off the roll accordion-style fold for an EasyApp® application.

Custom-engineered and made in the USA exclusively for Connor clients.

Partner with Connor's Coverpro® for maximum protection.

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The new standard in performance and value.

Sealpro PURPLE®'s Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) is industry-leading in performance and value.

Strong yet supple, providing important ClingFactor® seal over the whole pile.

Sealpro PURPLE® is easier to apply, even in a wind. See the video (LEARN MORE) for the EasyApp® demo.

Custom-made in the USA to Connor specifications and sizes only available to our clients.

Partner with Connor's Coverpro® for maximum protection.


When cling is the thing.

Sealpro ExtraCling® is the most effective thin oxygen barrier on the market. It has a slightly purple sheen to it.

At 1.6 mil thick, Sealpro ExtraCling® provides a ClingFactor® seal like no other.

Strong and tear-resistant with an impressively low Oxygen Transfer Rate (OTR).

Partner with Connor's Coverpro® for maximum protection.

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Your feed dollars investment guardian.

Coverpro® is the new, tough Black/White non-barrier film providing extra protection to valuable forage, silage or high moisture corn.

Coverpro® is available in 4 and 5 mil thickness. Coverpro® 5 is engineered and made in the USA.

Coverpro® comes off the roll in an accordion-style fold, making for an EasyApp® application.

Partner with Sealpro® films for maximum protection.